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About Us

“Staff observe and assess children’s learning regularly. They engage well in play with the children and recognise when to intervene to support and extend their learning, including in group activities”
– Ofsted 2019

What we believe:

You are joining a nursery with an enthusiastic team of dedicated staff, parents and children. We have an excellent reputation built up over the years for working in partnership with parents, children and their families. The service that we provide is constantly reviewed and updated to provide you and your children with quality care and education.

Ethos and Approach

At Play2Learn we believe that we should see things from a child’s point of view so that the nursery is a welcoming, fun and stimulating environment. We strongly believe that every child is a capable learner and we aim to build close partnerships with parents and the community. We us EYlog to record and track your child’s development and send you up to date pictures by email on a regular basis.

What makes us special?

    • ​Nursery aged children are supported in smaller groups, 1 adult supervises 8 children, whereas in a school nursery there is 1 adult to 13 children
    • Individual learning tailored to each child’s learning needs so that they are ready for school 
    • Children engage with the local community in order to learn vital life skills, such as posting letters, buying bread and visiting the local school
    • Highly skilled staff who support children in learning English so that they can access the early years curriculum and achieve the developmental milestones
    • Staff who speak community languages to support parents and children throughout their time with us
    • Early identification and support for children with special educational needs and their families 
    • Links with other professionals such as speech and language therapist, physio therapist, educational psychologist and play specialist
    • Teaching children vital skills such as listening and paying attention, making friends and following instructions
    • Forest Schools offered to every child so they can learn about the natural world around them

Here’s a link to our 2019 Ofsted report!

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